Have you ever had a problem with shipping as scheduled?

Maintenance shop about 4 minutes from USS Tokyo

It provides the necessary processes for exporting used cars.

Let us take care of EAA inspections, maintenance, repairs, and other processes required prior to export. 
Remove any potential risks before export.


We have started a charging service for electric vehicles!



EAA inspection is now available at Noda Yard.



Repair, pre-inspection maintenance, inspection, and anything else near USS Tokyo! Leave it to us.

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EAA Inscpection

Ozone Cleaning used car

It can deodorize various odors such as pets, toilets, cigarettes, mold, garbage, sewage, body odors.

​Ozone cleaning

Plastic cover used car

A plastic cover can be added to protect your products. This is a very popular service.

Plastic cover

Electric charging used car

The tank can be fully charged before shipping, so you can export without worrying about extra costs.

Electric charging

Used car repair and maintenance

We can repair "oil seepage, electrical failure, glass skipping stones, undercarriage rust and corrosion".


After paint for Kenya

​Are you a used car exporter struggling with rust on your car?

We will remove rust from your car and clean it.


Rust removal for New Zealand

​Are you struggling with rust on your car when exporting used cars to NZ?

Get your car rust free and pass the NZTA inspection.

Check vehicle service

​No shipping drops, no inspection failures!

Why don't you check the undercarriage and RO-RO pre-check before export?

Pre-export checks are very important. Eliminate unnecessary risks before shipping. Pre-check and maintenance services are also available.


Ro-Ro precheck



​Every year, the inspection standards for Africa are getting stricter.

It is very important in the export business to know what inspections are being carried out.

Photo service

Did you have a need for more beautiful photos?

The quality of the photos is important to sell the vehicle quickly and at a high price.

At our company, we take about 25 photos as standard (including photos of damaged parts). Beautiful photos will increase your customer's trust! Let's improve the quality of your photos and achieve a quick sale!


Other Services

We also solve various other problems of our customers.

Why don't you let us take care of your car?


Repair of rust and corrosion

EAA Inspection

USS Tokyo 4 minutes, EAA inspection for Africa is also available.

Our yard can perform inspections that are officially certified by the EAA. Eliminate the risk before exporting by combining the necessary inspections with other services. After checking the EAA inspection contents and standards before, please download the application form below and apply by fax or e-mail.

EAA Inspection for Africa

It's about a 4 minute drive from USS Tokyo!

2389-7 Funagata, Noda-shi, Chiba

We are located near the USS Tokyo, 4 minutes away.
We can also pick up vehicles from the USS Tokyo venue.

Our own carrier car at a low price We will transport your vehicle between USS Tokyo and Noda yard at a reasonable price.

Used car maintenance shop near USS Tokyo

Achievements of the Noda Yard

​At Noda Yard, we have handled many export vehicles.Why don't you entrust us with your vehicles?


Number of export vehicles handled


Number of exporting countries of vehicles handled