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Details of the inspection before export to Africa

Exporting used vehicles to Africa requires that the vehicles be inspected and passed as required by each country.
This is the most important process in exporting used vehicles. By understanding the inspection details before purchasing used vehicles, you can reduce your risk. 
Knowing the details of the inspection in advance and taking measures against the inspection is one of the keys to business success.

An example of an inspection

The following is a partial list of inspections.
Please refer to the inspection of lights, brakes, speedometer, exterior panels, etc. to see how much you can fail.

Lights (headlights, small lights, front and rear 4-6 indicator lights, back lights, brake lights, fog lights)


Check that all the lamps are working properly.
Of course, any cracks will fail the inspection.


Brake inspection (front and rear brake inspection, parking, side slip)

Put the car on the lane and check if the brakes work properly.
If the pads are worn out or the oil level is low, the brakes will not work and will fail the test.


Speedometer inspection

Check that the speed you are actually going and the speed on the meter are correct.
If the error is around 2km, it will fail the test.


Headlight optical axis inspection (low beam and high beam light position)


Turn on the light to check the low beam height discrepancy and the high beam height discrepancy.
If the height is different, it will fail the inspection.
For example, if the left ball is broken and only the left one is replaced, it will be different from the right one and is likely to fail the inspection.


Inspection of exterior panels (scratches, deep scratches on the body, scratches on the windshield)

Scratches and dents exceeding 25% of each panel Cracks exceeding 1cm in the windshield


Example Falling Example

(Image above)
Lactis NSP120 (dent, misalignment with bumper)
This size is B3 on the USS.

(lower image)
Light Ace SR40 with dents and rust.
This size is B4 on the USS.

EAA検査 car body

Examples of failures in inspections

These are other cases that have failed the inspection. 

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